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2019 2ND Quarter Training Calender

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weekday 75,000.00 1st Apr'19 - 24th May'19 weekend 85,000.00 6th Apr'19 - 22nd Jun'19
weekday 90,000.00 1st Apr'19 - 14th Jun'19

weekday 90,000.00 1st Apr'19 - 14th Jun'19

weekday 80,000.00 9th Apr'19 - 31st May'19 weekend 85,000.00 13th Apr'19 - 8th Jun'19
weekday 40,000.00 1st Apr'19 - 26th Apr'19 weekend 45,000.00 6th Apr'19 - 11th May'19
weekday 40,000.00 29th Apr'19 - 24th May'19 weekend 45,000.00 18th May'19 - 22nd Jun'19
weekday 40,000.00 21st May'19 - 13th Jun'19 weekend 40,000.00 25th May'19 - 15th Jun'19
weekday 35,000.00 8th May'19 - 10th May'19 weekend 35,000.00 4th May'19 - 18th May'19
Weekend 50,000.00 23rd Mar'19 - 30th Mar'19

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3D Animation

1 On 1 Personal Training One on One Training

We provide personalized training on any of the courses we offer to participants. These personalized trainings are called 1 On 1 Personal Training. The class size is just the instructor and the participant. The course content and duration can be personalized for the participant.

Onsite/Corporate Training Onsite/Corporate Training

We also provide onsite training for corporate entities on any of the courses we offer. These trainings can either take place at their facility, ours or any place that will be conducsive for learning. The class size is determined by both parties as well as course content and duration.

Online Training Online Training

We are working on providing the same training we run in our facility online for others to join the class live.