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Social Media Management

Using the latest web technology to create those beautiful fan pages that differentiate your organization from others. There are over 3 million Nigerians on this social networking platform; we design your fan page to attract a sizeable portion of these to your page.

Social Media Management/Marketing

Why are businesses putting $4 billion into Facebook's pocket? This is 3 months revenue of the Facebook between April to June in 2015. Simply because it is the world meeting place.

What are young people doing when looking at their continuously for 5 minutes? Why are telecommunication company competing hard for data business than voice and SMS business. Simply because everybody is going social media. WE CAN HELP YOUR ORGANISATION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT


Meet some of the satisfied clients we are managing their social media channels

Gennesaret Resources

Gennesaret Resources Nigeria Limited

The Next Titan

The Next Titan


The Chartered Institue of Supply Chain Management


Chartered Institute of Project Management

Sam Omatseye

Sam Omatseye