One On One / Individualized Training

One On One / Individualized Training

We provide personalized training on any of the courses we offer to participants. These personalized trainings are called 1 On 1 Personal Training. The class size is just the instructor and the participant. The course content and duration can be personalized for the participant.

Personalized trainings provide an opportunity to give participants focused attention. Popular candidate for One on One Training are:

  • Top Executive

    Often it is always the execs who have the least amount of IT knowledge. When learning new skills, they usually feel more comfortable asking questions when their colleagues, bosses, or subordinates are not in the same room.

  • Professional with Erratic Work Schedule

    For professional whose work schedule are erratic such as auditor that are always travelling, field engineers that are always away from base, oil & gas professional on production platfrom; joining a regular training session will be difficult.

At our facility: Twice the cost of regular class
At your facility: Twice the cost of regular class and a premium

Are you interested in taking any of our class as a Personalized Training? Please request a quote and we will get across to you before close of next business day.

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