12, Olu Akerele Street Ikeja, Lagos

Computer Graphic Training with Photoshop

Where participants learn The Essentials of Photoshop in order to create Graphics, Enhance and Retouch Photographs. Phone: 08034265103, 08154136868

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Weekday  (₦25,000.00)

About the Training

This training was developed by the graphic group at Alabian Solutions Ltd. So the course outline contains the latest technologies and principles being used in the industry by creative minds. Participants will learn hand on and work on a project from the artistic point of view using Photoshop.

Training Venue

Alabian Solutions Limited
12, Olu Akerele Street,
off Kofoworola Crescent,
off Obafemi Awolowo Way
Ikeja Lagos

  • Introduction to Photoshop and Adobe Bridge
    • What is Photoshop
    • People that uses Photoshop
    • Various versions of Photoshop
    • Adobe Bridge
    • Start Adobe Bridge
    • Adobe Bridge workspace
    • Getting photos from a digital camera or card reader
    • Adjust Adobe Bridge Content panel display
    • Choosing a view mode in Bridge
    • Adjusting the size of thumbnails
    • Show additional metadata for thumbnails
    • View and manage files in Adobe Bridge
    • Preview and compare images in Adobe Bridge
    • Stack files in Adobe Bridge
    • Using collections in Adobe Bridge
    • Using keywords in Adobe Brigde
    • Work with metadata in Adobe Bridge
    • Automate tasks in Adobe Bridge
    • Create web galleries and PDFs
  • Getting Started with Photoshop
    • Opening, Saving and viewing your images
    • Understanding digital images and resizing
    • Using the crop tool
    • Creating images and applying background color
  • Transforming images
    • Flip horizontal
    • Free transform
    • Converting images to a smart object before transforming
    • Changing the reference point of an object
    • Distorting an image
    • Skewing an image
    • Changing the perspective of an image
    • Warping images
  • Photoshop layers and Making selections
    • Introduction to layers
    • Layer basics
    • Creating layers to enhance and adjust a photograph
    • Making selections
    • Making a selective adjustment with a layer mask
    • Adjusting images with adjustment layers
    • Changing and Modifying colors with Adjustment layer
      • Hue saturation
      • Vibrance
      • Color balance
      • Photo filter
      • Curves
      • Black and white
  • Photoshop text
    • Photoshop text tool
    • Editing text from the character panel
      • Font size
      • Setting leading
      • Kerning between characters
      • Tracking characters
      • Baseline shift
    • Paragraph type
      • Paragraph panel
    • Simple text effect
    • Displaying photograph within text (Clipping mask)
    • Creating a screen background
    • Warp text
    • Creating character and paragraph styles (A time saver)
      • Paragraph style
      • Character style
  • Using the shape tool
    • Adding stroke to a shape
      • Adding color to shape
      • Selecting color from an image
      • Adding a gradient to shape
      • Adding a pattern to an image
      • Removing stroke from a shape
      • Selecting different stroke type
    • Changing the width and height of a shape
    • Unlinking the width and height of a shape
    • Adding the ellipse shape
    • Adding a circular shape
    • Adding a polygonal shape
    • Merging shape layer
    • Adding the Line tool
    • Adding an image to shape
    • Custom shape tool
    • Adding keyline to an image
  • Applying Photographic effect
    • Drop shadow
    • Stroke
    • Inner glow
    • Pattern Overlay
    • Gradient Overlay
    • Saving a layer style
    • Applying a style to another layer
    • Creating a water mark
    • Checking out the default Photoshop styles
  • Photographic effects with filter
    • blur
    • Noise
  • Image retouching techniques, combining images and automation
    • Drop shadow
      • Image retouching techniques
        • Removing distracting element with content aware fill
        • Patch tool
        • Content aware move
        • Clone stamp tool
        • Healing brush
        • Whitening teeth
        • Brightening eyes
        • Removing wrinkles
        • Liquefy
      • Combining images
        • Auto align
        • Photomerge
        • Swapping images (auto align and auto blend)
      • Automation
        • Action
        • Applying action to a bunch of images (batch
        • processing)
        • Resizing multiple images at once

Benedict UwazieGraphic Design, Web Developer,

Benedict has a down to earth teaching style, and he is good at making difficult concept look to so easy, he will be teaching you the essential skills in Photoshop. In this training it will assumed you have no prior knowledge of any Graphic Design Software. If you have not use Photoshop before he will be glad to be the first person to introduce you to Photoshop.


Skill Requirement
No previous design skill is required for this training but all student are expected to have good computer usage skill.

Hardware Requirement
All student are expected to come for the training with a laptop with a mouse.

Software Requirement
All participant for this training are expected to have installed on their system; Adobe Photoshop