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Top 5 content writing tools recommended for bloggers

Top 5 content writing tools recommended for bloggers

It is quite obvious that your audience wants to hear you not others which means you have to write your own words instead of copying something.

But, is uniqueness the only thing to consider?

We can say that uniqueness can be a first or basic factor but there are many more factors to be considered and these factors are also very important.

When it comes to content writing, some things cannot be ignored like we just give the example of unique content.

Same as uniqueness, we have to be focused on the readability of the content which means the content must be understandable by anyone related to any field.

According to the professional’s opinion or search engines recommendations, content must be as simple as it will be understandable by the student of 8th grade.

It is not wrong to say that covering all these points and focusing on all these factors is not that easy or simple, it can be time-consuming.

That’s why the developers introduced online tools that can be very useful for content writing. We are going to cover some of the useful online tools for content writing.

1.  Plagiarism checker

As we mentioned above that uniqueness is the basic factor to be focused on but, how plagiarism checkers can help us in getting unique content?

It is pretty clear that plagiarism checkers are not designed to remove plagiarism but it is only capable of checking plagiarism in content.

After checking, plagiarism checker can give a complete and authentic report in which we can see the percentage of plagiarism or uniqueness, and secondly, we can get the sources.

When it comes to the sources, it is something from where the text is copied, and sometimes, it can be very important.

Luckily, we have many plagiarism checkers available on the internet and we can use any of them. The good thing is, most of them are free of cost.

Getting a free tool can be a good option but only when it is efficient and fulfill your requirements otherwise, you must spend some money.

And using a plagiarism checker is simple, all you need to do is enter the text you want to check and click on the submit button and you’ll get the complete report.

We can say that the working of every plagiarism checker is the same and easy like you don’t need to have any technical knowledge about it.


Plagiarism checker is only capable of checking plagiarism and giving the report with proper resources but we must need a tool to remove plagiarism.

So, we have seen a tool that is specifically designed to remove plagiarism but, how it works and is it possible to attain uniqueness with this tool?

Yes, we can attain uniqueness with this tool, all we need to enter the content, and the paraphrasing tool simply replace the words with their synonyms,

When a paraphrase replaces the synonyms then definitely the content becomes unique so, it can be a good option.

You can also rephrase your content on your own but it can be very hectic and time-consuming and secondly, you may not achieve that much accuracy.

So, the paraphrasing tool can help you in this context but you are not free while using this tool, you must be focused on the complexity of the content.

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3.  Grammar checker

As is mentioned above that uniqueness is not the only thing to consider, your content must be grammatically right and accurate.

Surely, you cannot correct all the grammatical mistakes on your own but when you use a tool for this, you can make your content error-free in no time.

Fortunately, there are many grammar checkers comes along with their desktop applications, mobile application, and search engine extensions.

Things got very easy and especially when it comes to content writing like you can prepare your content in less time and content can be unique, readable, and authentic.

You can search on the internet and you’ll get a list of hundreds of grammar checkers and then you can start using any of them while keeping your requirements in focus.

The easiest approach to pick any tool is, you must be clear about your requirements, and then you can pick according to your requirements.

It can be a better option instead you can randomly start using any checker and we are pretty sure that you must choose on your own now.


We can say that the algorithms or working of an article rewriter are the same like it is also designed to make content unique or plagiarism-free.

Now come to the working of this tool and let’s see how it is similar to a paraphrasing tool.

Articles rewriters are designed on the mechanism which is de dedicated to replacing the words with their synonyms and in this way, we can make our content free from duplication.

The working and interface of this tool are very simple like when we talk generally, we can say that the working of all the rewriters is mostly the same.

You need to enter content in the input field and click on the submit button and you can get rewritten content and you can use this content for any reason.

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1.      Text summarizer

Text summarizer is not commonly used by content writers but we can say that when you are going to write product descriptions of product headings then you must need a text summarizer.

It can be pretty sure by the name that a text summarizer is used to generate a summary and this summary can be about a product or something else.

And the reason for discussing this tool in this guide is to make it clear that this tool is very important at some point in your career in content writing.

Bottom line

Using tools can be a good option as we can easily save our time, energy, and money as well but, some people are still confused about how can they save money using these tools?

As we mentioned above that many tools are completely free and readily available on the internet, you can go for any of them.

We have discussed some of the most used tools and these tools are important that’s why these are considered the most used tools.

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