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This is a preparation containing Amino Acids, Iron and Vitamin. The Glycine, Histidine, and Lysine (GHL) advantage of Amino Acids translate to Rapid Absorption, Higher bio-availability; Safe & Well tolerated Product with Excellent Efficacy and Increasing Haemoglobin level constantly. It is indicated in Pregnancy, Lactation and Nutrition Deficiency Anaemia.Aminofer has presented in liquid and so gel capsules. The so gel capsules have some unique advantages as been tasteless, odorless, faster onset of action and its beer tolerated.

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical studies in patients with hepatic encephalopathy showed that infusion of Amino acids reversed the abnormal plasma amino acid pattern characterized by decreased levels of branched chain amino acids and elevated levels of aromatic amino acid and Methionine. The trend toward normalization of these amino acids was generally associated with an improvement in the mental status EEG patterns. This clinical response was observed in the majority of patients. Nitrogen balance was significantly improved and mortality reduced in these typically protein-intolerant patients studies substantial amounts of protein equivalent to Hepatic Amine.

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NAFDAC NO: A4-5834

Other Info

Aminofer Contain
(Amino Acids, Iron & Multivitamins) Liquid/Capsules
 Rapid adsorption
 Higher bio-availability
 Safe & well tolerated
 Execellent efficacy
 Increases Hb levels constantly